Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where have all the Flowers Gone?

This weekend, I was visited by the Easter Bunny. She (Halle's grandma, Deborah) left me a bit of an egg carton. In it was nestled two dyed Easter eggs, one green, one yellow, with their tops knocked off and the egg replaced with a little dirt and a plant with little red flowers. They were charming and had obviously taken a lot of time and effort.
They decorated my kitchen windowsill for a couple of days but by Tuesday the plants looked a bit dry. Not ready to part with my decoration, I decided to water the little plants still in their eggshells. I carefully added a bit to each shell and left them on the kitchen counter. I went to clean catboxes.
Upon my return, as I was walking through the dining room towards the kitchen, I noticed bright spots of green and red on the hall carpet. As I got closer, I noticed the clumps of dirt. I looked from there to the kitchen and saw the empty egg carton on the floor. I looked further and found the yellow egg, with its little red flower, in the living room. Both of the egg shells were suspiciously crunched.
I looked around for the culprit. On his favorite pillow on his favorite couch was curled the blind hound. His eyes were wide open and 'looking' out the corner of his eyes in my direction. The eyebrows were doing the dance of shame.
Without any evidence other than the fact that he was the only one in house big enough to grab eggs off of the kitchen counter, I said, "BAD DOG."
Ray stayed curled, his eyebrows doing a jig of nervousness.
"Oh, Ray, you are such a BAD DOG," I said again.
Ray curled tighter, the eyebrows were practically setting fire to his forehead they were tap dancing so fast. I cut my dog a break before his head burst into flame.
I cleaned up the eggs, and went outside to plant my flowers.

This is the link sent by the below commenter about the Michael Flatley eyebrows.

I think these kids can give Ray a run for his money as far as eyebrow action goes.


  1. Oooh could you...this so reminded me of the exact thing Conor would do though, in fact the dogs like eggshells and we do give them as a treat sometimes, but they are not meant to help themselves and then scatter the evidence of the crime !

  2. Got that in 1 'am I a grownup now?' & how do our sightless pooches have any idea of the split second when we've moved outside the ear/eyeshot cordon thus enabling their sneaky security breach? Plus they *know* they've done wrong before being verbally lambasted. And yet we can't help but feel almost instantly guilty for our lack of compassion :0.

    Still at least there's no easy way for Deborah to find out :0P

    Does this advert give readers help visualizing Ray's Michael Flatley-esque facial twins?
    (complete with corking background tune)

    1. Classic. How do they do that with a straight face?

  3. ... or even better: :0)