Sunday, April 22, 2012

I want YOU

It was 9:30 a.m., I was on my way out to meet my BFF, Joanne, for shopping and lunch. Ray hadn't yet had his morning constitutional so Gregg volunteered to take the dog for a walk around the 'long' block. The weather was getting icky fast. It was supposed to get colder and rainier as the day progressed, but for the moment, it wasn't too bad and was only lightly drizzling.
Gregg slipped Ray's collar over the dog's ears and led him outside. I heard Gregg's encouraging words, "Come on Ray, let's go. Let's go for a walk 'round the block."
"Have fun," I called as I turned from the door to turn off a few lights and do a few other last-minute things before heading out.
When I got to the door, Ray was standing, straining at the end of his leash with his nose pressed against the glass storm door. I laughed at the look on his face.
"He's having some separation anxiety," said Gregg with a smile.
I laughed again, exited, and locked the front door.
"Come on, Ray, let's go for a walk," I said as I walked across the grass to my car, pressing the unlock button on my key fob. Ray, happily followed, heard the car unlock, and headed for the rear door.
"No, you're not going, Ray," said Gregg as he tugged gently on the leash.
Ray resisted. I walked down the driveway after Gregg, "Come on, Ray," I said, stomping my feet so that he would think I was going for a walk too.
Ray followed but it was obvious he wasn't buying it, his ears were deployed in Dumbo mode and he was 'looking' at me, still straining at the leash in my general direction.
"Don't worry," soothed Gregg, "Come on, let's go for a walk."
I veered off toward my car. Ray stopped in his tracks. Gregg was still encouraging the dog as I pulled out of the driveway. Ray walked with Gregg down the street, following the sound of my car as I drove down the cul de sac.
I smiled as I stopped at the corner STOP sign. My dog may not greet me enthusiastically when I arrive home, but he sure knows how to make me feel wanted when I leave.


  1. Why doesn't Google let me simply "like" this? I couldn't add anything to it, I just enjoyed reading it :0)

    Mind you, it does remind me of my temporary promotion to Ray's walking companion & him not being much motivated to go anywhere with me whilst he could (a) hear you (b) hear your car as you screeched off (c) (a) again after you handbrake-turned to an abrupt stop to chin-wag with a BBQ & beer guest (d) (b) again (tho' with extra rubber burn) ;0)

    1. hahahahahahaha.

      (I'll understand if you simply add a comment that says 'like')

      (AND you did add to it. thank you very much.)