Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Infirmary

While Ray and I were gone, Gregg learned how to give Moonie fluids through a needle inserted under her skin. When the doctor first suggested this to me, my initial reaction was YIKES. I told her that while I was a bit too squeamish to do such a thing, I was pretty sure that Gregg could do it. So on the day that Ray and I rolled out of town, Gregg headed to the vet to get a lesson.
"So how did it go?" I asked him when I called later that day.
"It was fine," he replied breezily, "It sure makes her feel good. She's been catching her birdie all night and howling like a crazy woman."
Moonie has a cat toy, a feather on a stick (as seen in Ray the Blind Dog and the Feather) that she drags around the house screaming. Apparently, the better she feels the more that poor birdie gets it.
"It's almost annoying," he added whispering, afraid that someone would hear him and think he was a mean man for saying that his ailing old cat was being annoying.
"The fluids give her a bit of a hunch back. She looks like Quasimodo for a while, but it goes away pretty quickly," he added.
"Did she struggle at all?" I asked.
"Not really," Gregg replied, "although I think it will be easier to do with two people. She was a little squirmy when I was trying to put the needle in, but once it was in and I was petting her she was fine."
When Ray and I returned from vacation, the cat room was set up as a mini MASH unit with the fluid bag hanging by a hook from the ceiling fan.
Has anyone seen my birdie?

We gave Moonie fluids last night. I distracted her a bit while Gregg inserted the needle, then Moonie purred through the whole thing while we both petted her. The fluids pooch out the back of neck and make it look like she's wearing a fur collar but she felt great afterwards. That is one doomed birdie. (and she really is a little annoying.)


  1. Brave pussie, I think as she realizes it makes her feel better she will just accept it, that happened when my Homie had to have his ear pricked for his blood tests, followed usually by a shot of insulin, he was fine about it...its amazing what they will tolerate, you may need some ear plugs though if she is gonna chase that birdie all night !! (oh and Jean I am totally needle phobic when it comes to having them stuck in me, but as this was the only way of keeping him going I quickly got used to doing it !)

  2. Yeah Gregg, good job making little Moonie feel better. It is amazing how different (good) they feel when they get fluids. Jean, glad you and Ray are home safe and sound. Hugs to little Moonshiners and Le Chat Noir, Hugo and of course The Man! Ray.